Casto Canyon ATV Trail in Panquitch, UT

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Beginning at the Casto Canyon trailhead this takes you into a world of sandstone cliffs of white, pink and green colors. You will be surrounded my beautiful red frock until you reach the ponderosa pines and there are several passages through the usually dry riverbed. The trail goes east about 5.5 miles then it connects to the Sandford Toad and the trail continues northeast about 1.9 miles and is referred to as the Barney Cove Trail. This will also connect to the Limeklin trail which drops back down to the west and ends up near the Panguitch Airport. You eventually connect to the Fremont ATV Trail which you can go south to Tropic Reservoir and the Great Western Trail and north to the Piute AVT Trail system. This is a beautiful trail if you are looking for a fun, scenic trail ride that everyone can enjoy! Check out this video of the trail….

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Here is a link to the map of the trail:

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