Panguitch Lake receives special attention at the Utah Wildlife Board meeting

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During the Utah Wildlife Board meeting at the first of the week, the fisheries side of the DWR wanted to let the Wildlife Board know that the management at Panquitch Lake was still a hot topic.

Panguitch Lake is one of the most important fisheries in the state and the anglers are torn between whether it should be managed as a trophy stillwater trout fishery or a family friendly destination. Drew Cushing, sport fish coordinator for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said that the State will likely create a new Panguitch Lake advisory group and will conduct an angler survey on the popular fishery. The survey will include a lot of nonresidents as a large portion of the nearly 90,000 angler hours spend at the lake each year are from Nevada.

Panguitch is currently managed to grow large trout to benefit anglers and to help control populations of Utah Chub. The limit is four trout, but no more than two can be a cutthroat or tuger trout under 15 inches and only one can be a cutthroat or tiger trout longer than 22 inches.
At the same meeting the Utah Wildlife Board approved a number of fishing regulations proposed by the state biologists for 2012. Among some of them are modified tagged fish contest rules, new rules for some specific waters and a strong statement that illegal movement of live fish will not be tolerated. Since species moved illegally moved are hard to remove, the proposed no-limit and mandatory catch-and-kill regulations on certain species can be performed at the following fisheries:

Quail CreekSand Hollow Reservoirs and Virgin and Santa Clara rivers: Smallmouth Bass
Deer Creek Reservoir: Bullhead Catfish
Utah Lake: Northern Pike.
Red Fleet Reservoir: No-limit regulation on Walleye

Cushing said,”We need to send a message that we won’t tolerate this anymore and that we aren’t going to reward the illegal stocking of fish”.

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